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How MetaQuest Came About

The birth of our Science enrichment learning brand in Singapore

The Beginning

In 2019, MetaQuest was started by a Founder who was never good at Science and Math in school because it had never occurred to her that these “dry subjects” could be fun or relevant. When her own children started excelling in these “dry” subjects, she realised that they were fortunate to learn differently from when she was in school many years ago. 

Instead of memorising concepts like she was taught to do, her children were blessed to be in an environment where curiosity and risk-taking were encouraged. They developed inquisitive minds and genuinely had fun while they pursued knowledge and solutions. MetaQuest Education was thus born with a mission to change the way children learn and think about school. 

A team of highly-qualified teachers was handpicked to pioneer MetaQuest Science. Our Founder, who has many years of teaching experience under her belt, worked together with this team of PSLE Science experts to develop the MetaQuest teaching philosophy and methodology. 


MetaQuest Science believes that:

  1. Our programmes and materials must be systematic, relevant and of high quality.

  2. We must engage every student’s mind and heart

  3. Understanding of concepts must come before understanding testing conventions.

  4. Testing conventions can be explicitly taught and acquired easily when understanding is consolidated.

Launch of MetaQuest

Our Commitment

to Quality

Instead of rushing to open classes and come up with worksheets weekly, our capable MQ team spent many months focusing on developing our well-researched curriculum. Our team worked hard on designing experiments and learning materials suitable for each age group to drive home Science concepts. Our children love their MQ Science™ classes as there is a delicate balance between academic rigour and fun.

Since its inception in 2019, MetaQuest Science has garnered great reviews from parents. Find out more about what our parents think in the testimonials here

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