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Online Science Enrichment and Tuition classes

Zoom in to Science with MetaQuest™️

Online Science Enrichment and Tuition Lessons for Primary 3-6 Students

Entrust your child's online Science learning with MetaQuest (MQ). For 2 hours, your child will stay engaged and learn effectively with live teacher demonstrations and interactive discussions from the comfort of your home!

Our MQ Teachers "Zooming" with Our Students

Want to see how we conduct Science demonstrations on Zoom? Watch how our P5 students learnt about the circulatory system of a fish through a real-time dissection! 

Discover what makes MQ’s Zoom lessons (P3-6) different:

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1. Stay engaged with our teacher through interactive discussions

Engage in stimulating discussions with your teacher to learn Science concepts. Active participation helps to clarify misunderstandings on the spot immediately. 

2. Observe Science come to life through teacher demonstrations

With lively demonstrations of common experiments and key concepts, students will learn Science from real-life observations to enhance their textbook understanding.

3. Benefit from top-notch curriculum created by our highly-qualified team

MQ lessons are developed in-house by a team led by our Head of Science, who is an ex-HOD with more than 20 years of experience. (Read more about our team’s credentials here.)

Your child will learn to avoid common examination pitfalls, and be equipped with Essential Science Skills™ to conquer their Science paper victoriously. What’s more, your child will fall in love with Science with our specially-designed fun learning activities!

4. Be equipped with Essential Science Skills™ to excel in exams

Distilled from our Head of Science's years of experience as an educator and PSLE marker, these skills are like an important set of tools to help your child tackle a diverse range of challenging cross-topic and experiment-based Open-Ended Questions.


Your child will acquire study techniques, in-house conceptual notes and strategies on how to answer examination questions with confidence and precision.

5. No homework!

Worksheets are completed and explained in-class to free our students from additional workload on top of school homework. All key concepts are covered in class!

6. Achieve results via in-class assessments and keep track of progress

MQ’s systematic learning cycle, regular assessments and structured revision will help your child achieve visible results and equip them with essential exam skills. Stay ahead of the curve even when you’re learning from home!

Online Science Enrichment and Tuition classes

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