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Our Methodology

The Backbone of Our Science Enrichment and Tuition Programme for Primary 3-6 students 

The MetaQuest Learning Cycle

Essential Science Skills™









Big Idea


Topical Key Phrases


Concept to Application

6. Essential Science Skills™

Goal: Impart skills and techniques to identify and tackle different types of Open-Ended questions across a range of topics



  • Each skill set is carefully timed to match the learning cycle

  • Learn to answer examination questions with precision across different topics

(Receive special in-house notes!)

In the last 13 lessons of our P6 programme, we focus on Essential Science Skills™ to prepare your child for their PSLE success. Find out more about our PSLE Prep course here.  

Days before his PSLE, I went through some past year's Science papers with him, I could see his improvement, he could even tell me how to answer Open-Ended Questions correctly, he said his MQ teacher taught him well.


Doris Tan, Mother of Lau Sheng Jie, P6
North Vista Primary School
PSLE Science: AL1
Improved from AL6 to AL1

1. Reality Check

Goal: Comprehensive delivery of key concepts to spark student’s curiosity and for them to develop a discerning eye for the world around them



  • Interactive notes and engaging teacher demonstrations

  • The stimulating classroom setting utilises SMARTboards and game tools to promote interactive discussions

This programme was interesting and the teachers were engaging. The experiments conducted were relevant and reinforced what was learnt during the lesson.


Karen, Mother of Audrey Chia, P6, Woodgrove Primary School

PSLE Science: A*

2. Class ACTivity

NO 2

Goal: Fun hands-on experiments to stimulate inquisitive minds in learning the scientific method 



  • MetaQuest students perform experiments like real scientists

I could see that these Science experiments were not frivolous activities, but specially designed experiments aimed at driving home certain key Science concepts.


Christy Chan, Mother of Kirsten and Kimberly Teo, P6,

Pei Chun Public School

PSLE Science: A* (Kirsten) and AL1 (Kimberly)

3. The Big Idea

Goal: Consolidate observations and knowledge into the understanding of scientific concepts



  • Use of mind-maps, diagrams and tables to reinforce learning

The worksheet questions were well-structured, aligned with the curriculum and beneficial for my child’s learning. My son enjoyed the mind-mapping part of the lessons especially.

Tan Wan Ling, Mother of Tan Kai Yang, P3

Ngee Ann Primary School 

4. Topical Key Phrases

Goal: Gain skills and techniques to apply key phrases in answering Open-Ended Questions (OEQs)


  • Scaffolding and highlighting common pitfalls

  • Students learn to conquer various types of OEQs confidently

MetaQuest taught him how to use keywords, and structure his Open-Ended Question answers – all through a fun learning environment. 

Faye Lim, Mother of Brendon Chan, P6

Maris Stella High School (Primary)

PSLE Science: AL1

5. Concept to Application

Goal: Assess the understanding of concepts, reinforce learning and clarify misconceptions



  • Structured practice questions aligned with school and MOE requirements

  • Carefully designed by MQ’s in-house Curriculum Team

After enrolling Yee Kai for the course, the way he answered questions became sharper and more focused. This is largely attributed to how his MQ teacher prioritises the understanding of concepts rather than just passively going through questions and providing answers.


Tan Kar Yeong, Father of Tan Yee Kai, P6
Yu Neng Primary School

PSLE Science: AL1

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