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PSLE Science Prep: Essential Science Skills

(P6) 14 Lessons x 2 Hours  | Starting from 17 June 2024 

Achieve PSLE success with this important toolkit of skills to tackle Open-Ended questions.

In the last few months of MQ's P6 Science Programme, your child will gain mastery of Essential Science Skills™ during their final lap towards the PSLE Science paper. Equipped with these important skills, your child will be able to conquer challenging cross-topic and experiment-based Open-Ended questions (Section B) with finesse. 


During this 14-week intensive prep, your child will acquire study techniques, in-house conceptual notes and strategies to secure their scores in the PSLE Science paper. Our well-structured revision programme covers the examinable syllabus and demystifies common misconceptions and pitfalls of challenging questions.


Don't miss our systematic and thorough revision programme to give your child the confidence to succeed at the PSLE! Seats are limited as our existing P6 students have enrolment priority. 

Being a stay-home mum, I'm not a fan of external coaching... My view on MetaQuest changed when we enrolled my P4 and P6 girls in MQ's Dec school holiday 3-hour programme. I was hoping to let them have some fun with Science, as the programme name suggested. They came back raving about the class, sharing excitedly about the numerous Science experiments they conducted. From what I learnt, I could see that these Science experiments were not frivolous activities, but specially designed experiments aimed at driving home certain key Science concepts.

Under my children’s strong persuasion, I enrolled them in the regular weekly Science classes at MQ. It has been 6 weeks into the course, and my children are enjoying every lesson. I like it that the lesson is very well balanced. Science experiments are conducted at the beginning of each lesson. This gives students first-hand experience with experimental setups and observing outcomes, which leads to a sound grasp of key Science concepts. They are also taught answering techniques which are crucial in scoring well in exams.

I also appreciate the MQ teachers very much. They are very approachable and allow me to have an open communication channel with them. My husband and I have interacted with them on numerous occasions, and I find them very knowledgeable and well-versed in the curriculum. I am thankful that they are serious educators who are passionate about teaching, which makes a whole world of difference in shaping the young learners’ keen minds for Science.

Christy Chan, Mother of Kirsten Teo, P6
Pei Chun Public School

PSLE Science: A*

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