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Rave Reviews

for our Primary 3-6 Science Enrichment and Tuition Term and Holiday Programmes

Being a stay-home mum, I'm not a fan of external coaching... My view on MetaQuest changed when we enrolled my P4 and P6 girls in MQ's Dec school holiday 3-hour programme. I was hoping to let them have some fun with Science, as the programme name suggested. They came back raving about the class, sharing excitedly about the numerous Science experiments they conducted. From what I learnt, I could see that these Science experiments were not frivolous activities, but specially designed experiments aimed at driving home certain key Science concepts.

Under my children’s strong persuasion, I enrolled them in the regular weekly Science classes at MQ. It has been 6 weeks into the course, and my children are enjoying every lesson.


I like it that the lesson is very well balanced. Science experiments are conducted at the beginning of each lesson. This gives students first-hand experience with experimental setups and observing outcomes, which leads to a sound grasp of key Science concepts. They are also taught answering techniques which are crucial in scoring well in exams.

I also appreciate the MQ teachers very much. They are very approachable and allow me to have an open communication channel with them. My husband and I have interacted with them on numerous occasions, and I find them very knowledgeable and well-versed in the curriculum. I am thankful that they are serious educators who are passionate about teaching, which makes a whole world of difference in shaping the young learners’ keen minds for Science.

Christy Chan, Mother of Kirsten and Kimberly Teo, P6, Pei Chun Public School

Kirsten Teo | PSLE Science 2020: A*

Kimberly Teo | PSLE Science 2022: AL1

My child's MQ teacher helped Ryan to improve his Science grade from AL5 to AL2! He helped to assess where Ryan was weak and suggested tips which helped him answer the tricky questions in Section B. He is very dedicated and even takes some time out to coach Ryan. He is also always very prompt in connecting and updating on Ryan's progress. We are very thankful for this partnership we have with him for our child.

Angeline, Mother of Ryan Lai Li Ian, P5

Poi Ching School


Message from Ryan to his MQ teacher:

I am very thankful that you have been helping me improve my skills in Science. Thanks to your guidance, I am now more specific and masterful in answering Science questions. My answers also fit the context better. I managed to do well in PSLE Science and that has made my overall score exceed expectations. I hope you will continue to help more students who face similar challenges that I have faced.


Ryan Lai Li Ian, P6
Poi Ching School
PSLE Science: AL1 (Most Improved Student)

My son was apprehensive about going for weekly tuition at first, but he enjoyed his Science holiday programme so much that we signed him up for the weekly classes at MetaQuest. 


At P5, he understood the Science concepts well, but his grades were initially pulled down by his responses to the Open-Ended Questions (OEQ).


MetaQuest taught him how to use keywords, and structure his OEQ answers – all through a fun learning environment. 


He especially looked forward to the experiments conducted every week. My boy's PSLE AL1 for Science is hugely attributed to the learning journey through MetaQuest. Thank you to his MQ teacher!

Faye Lim, Mother of Brendon Chan, P6

Maris Stella High School (Primary)

PSLE Science: AL1

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MetaQuest for helping my child with her PSLE. My child got AL1 for Science! Special thanks to her MQ teacher! 

His class is very interesting and motivating. Not only did he help my child to reach AL1, but he also gave her the confidence to reach her results! I am surprised to find my child so confident to face the Science exam. She even told me she could surely do it! 

Honestly, I seldom see her so confident after the exams. The lesson content that her teacher taught had made her prepared for the PSLE. He is a hardworking teacher. 

Thank you very much! I will definitely recommend other friends around me to enrol for the class.

Boon Kiat, mother of Lee Yun Shan, P6
Pei Chun Public School
PSLE Science: AL1

I would like to thank MetaQuest and her MQ teacher for helping Grace do well for her Science. She improved from AL3 during Prelims to AL1 in PSLE. 

Once again, thank you for helping her to achieve this result!

Tim Phang, father of Grace Phang, P6
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
PSLE Science: AL1

My kid has been with MetaQuest for 3 years. She is always excited about the experiments conducted during class. Her MQ teacher is very helpful and committed. He goes the extra mile by giving updates on my child's progress periodically, and helps her make improvements in the subject. 

SC Tan, Mother of Valensia Nimpuno, P6
Singapore Chinese Girls' School

My son initially lacked confidence in Science, but he now takes the initiative to answer Open-Ended Questions. MQ's nurturing and enriching approach has also helped him build an interest in Science.

Yu Jun, Mother of Tay Wei Heng, P6
Pei Chun Public School

My Science has improved by leaps and bounds after attending MetaQuest.

Gabrielle Wee, P6
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
PSLE Science: AL1

I want to specially thank my child's MQ teacher for teaching and helping my son to do well for his PSLE. 


When I enrolled my son in January for P6 Science, his score was AL5. It improved to AL2 in his P6 Science Prelims, and subsequently to AL1 in PSLE Science Exam.

Timothy Phang, Father of Gabriel Phang, P6

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

PSLE Science: AL1 (Most Improved Student)

My MQ teacher's lessons are extremely engaging and entertaining. He not only pushes each child to the best of their ability but also “nags” a lot which allows keywords and techniques to answer questions to be etched in his students' minds like a plant's roots.


His teaching is extremely interesting, as he focuses to make his lessons engaging to all students. You would never see a person falling asleep in his class! He is a wise advisor and would definitely help your grades skyrocket to outer space!

Vera Tan, P6, Geylang Methodist School (Primary)
TWC x MQ Dual-Programme Student

PSLE Science: AL1

Total PSLE Score: 4

My child did not attend any Science tuition classes previously as her grades have been consistent with self-study and some coaching from parents. 

During the P6 school holidays, we sent her to MetaQuest holiday classes to keep her occupied, and she really enjoyed the classes. 

With the COVID-19 situation, her progress dipped. To secure a firm high grade, we decided to let her join the final term of the P6 Science Programme. It was the right decision as she benefited from the answering techniques as well as the final revision in the lead up to PSLE. She achieved AL1 for the subject. Thank you to her MQ teacher!

Gan Say Bin, Mother of Teng Xin Yue Jolie, P6
Pei Chun Public School

PSLE Science: AL1

At P5, my son was scoring around AL 3-4 in Science. After one year at MetaQuest, he got AL1 for Science at his PSLE. Huge thanks to his MQ teacher. He is patient and caring to the students, and follows up with all the homework and corrections. 


I must say MetaQuest has helped improve my son’s knowledge of Science and greatly improved his results. Thanks again!

Xu Jingwen, Mother of Sky Leung, P6
Pei Chun Public School

PSLE Science: AL1

My daughter started attending MetaQuest in her PSLE year, recommended by her cousin. Her grades improved tremendously after a few months (AL5 to AL2). Her MQ teacher played an instrumental role, helping to work on her weak areas after our discussions and was supportive to her. My daughter finds his lessons engaging and has learned more. We look forward to seeing Sarah do well for her PSLE, a testament to her learning from MetaQuest and her teacher’s guidance.

Gary Lim, Father of Lim En Qi Sarah, P6
Palmview Primary School

PSLE Science: AL2

My son enjoyed himself at MetaQuest's holiday workshop. His teacher uses humour in his teaching so that the children can remember the terms taught. After attending the workshop, I find that my son is better prepared for his lessons in school.

Ms Teh, Mother of Josef Low, P4
Ai Tong School 

My child's MQ teacher is a dedicated and experienced tutor who knows the PSLE Science syllabus well. My child was in another centre in Primary 5 but was unable to understand the concepts taught. Happened to chance upon MetaQuest while searching online.


Although my child was doing online classes, her teacher ensured that the online students were not left out in his lessons. Also, he provides detailed feedback on areas for improvement for my child to work on in our weekly email correspondence. Thank you to Sarah's MQ teacher!

Jocelyn, Mother of Sarah, P6

Meridian Primary School

🖥️  MQ Online Student

PSLE Science: AL1

This programme was interesting and the teachers were engaging. The experiments conducted were relevant and reinforced what was learnt during the lesson.


My daughter enjoyed the workshop and is looking forward to more workshops conducted by MetaQuest in the future.

Karen, Mother of Audrey Chia, P6
Woodgrove Primary School
PSLE Science: A*

We signed up for MetaQuest classes during the Circuit Breaker. Ryan has been struggling with understanding the questions that test on experiments, deciphering the right concept/theory learnt and applying them in the answers. After attending MetaQuest’s classes, he has been able to answer these questions with ease.


His MQ teacher is also very energetic and engaging. We were on full online Zoom classes and she would actually request for the students to find household materials to conduct experiments with the students during lessons. Ryan enjoys the experiments and questions posed by his teacher during class, and this helped him to understand the concepts and apply them easily. Thank you to his MQ teacher and MetaQuest!

Angeline, Mother of Ryan Lai Li Ian, P3
Poi Ching School
SA2 P3 Science: 97/100

I have been looking around for some time for a "hands-on" Science enrichment centre for my son as he generally has short attention span and low stamina to sit through completely theory-based lessons. 

I chanced upon MetaQuest's holiday programmes and I was curious about their lessons. After speaking with my son's MQ teacher, I decided to enrol my son in the holiday programme and I am really glad I did. My son truly enjoyed the 2-day workshop. He said it was so fun because he got the chance to do experiments and learn the concepts at the same time. 

My son was keen to continue the lessons, so I enrolled him in the weekly lessons too. I can definitely see a change in his attitude towards attending Science tuition even though he only attended 2 days of holiday workshop. 

Thank you to his MQ teacher and MetaQuest.

Shirley Unani, Mother of Jayden Gerrard, P5
St. Joseph's Institution Junior

I signed up for the Science Zoom class due to the circuit breaker to try out the lessons. Kaden has been enjoying his lessons with his MQ teacher ever since his first lesson. This is the first time Kaden has said that he understood his Science classes because of the clear explanations. He also loved the experiments that were conducted during the class.


I find him more attentive during the lessons and he was able to remember concepts learnt more easily. He used to think that Science was really tough, but now he says he likes the subject. Thank you MetaQuest and his MQ teacher for bringing about the change and love for Science in him. =)

Mother of Kaden, P5
Maha Bodhi School

I was looking for a Science enrichment programme during the circuit breaker for my son, who had plenty of time and nowhere to go during the school holidays. MetaQuest was a good option and had flexible arrangements which suited us very well.

My child enjoyed the Science classes and his MQ teacher was engaging. The students had fun while learning. The worksheet questions were well-structured, aligned with the curriculum and beneficial for my child’s learning. My son enjoyed the mind-mapping part of the lessons especially. There were some mini Science experiments too, which were interesting. Looking forward to more of that, which would definitely be appreciated by the kids. 

Tan Wan Ling, Mother of Tan Kai Yang, P3
Ngee Ann Primary School 

Celestiel attended MQ's holiday class last year, and found the coaching session most beneficial in guiding her to answer Open-Ended Questions. When I realised they were conducting Zoom classes during the circuit breaker period, I signed her up immediately.

Her MQ teacher is dedicated and knows the curriculum well. He is able to connect with my child and she looks forward to every lesson. There’s often much laughter in the class, which is a sign of the students' joy in learning. I would definitely recommend MetaQuest.

Brenda Chew, Mother of Celestiel Chew, P6
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

The learning cycle in the MQ Science Programme allows students to understand the topics better and prepare them well for exams. My niece's MQ teacher makes sure that she understands everything that is taught. She looks forward to attending her weekly classes every weekend as it is fun and engaging. The lessons have taught her to answer Open-Ended Questions better than before. I am jubilant to have found this awesome Science programme in MetaQuest.

Dina, Guardian of Tan Hui Qi Vera, P6
Geylang Methodist School (Primary)

PSLE Science: AL1

Elijah has a strong interest in Science and grasps concepts fairly quickly. However, he expressed his desire to be given guidance on answering techniques. ​


I was excited when I learnt that TWC’s sister company, MetaQuest, was offering Science classes. So, I decided to sign Elijah up for the trial class last year and went on to register him for regular lessons after that. ​


Elijah absolutely enjoys the class, especially the many hands-on experiments he gets to do during lesson. He looks forward to weekly lessons as he enjoys the engaging and balanced lesson format that his teacher delivers. ​


I’d like to make a special mention on how his teacher took the extra mile by offering to coach Elijah in an extra twenty-minute one-on-one session after their regular class to help prepare him for an upcoming weighted test. I’m confident that Elijah will greatly benefit from this programme and expand his knowledge in Science, which will surely help him perform well at the end-of-year exam. ​


Jenny Chow, Mother of Elijah Quek, P6

St Andrew’s Junior School

PSLE Science: AL2

We wish to thank my child's MQ teacher for helping Gavin to improve his answering techniques for Science Paper 2. Although we were affected by COVID-19 and classes had to be conducted through Zoom, his teacher managed to deliver his class clearly nevertheless. Thanks to his MQ teacher!


Pamela, Mother of Gavin Lim, P6

Hong Wen School

PSLE Science: AL2

Starr enjoys his lessons very much and has improved in his answering of Open-Ended Questions. He said he enjoyed the activities the most and looks forward to them every week. He also says he hopes to have a pet worm so that he can watch its life cycle as it grows.


Eve Chan, Mother of Starr Lee, P3
St Hilda's Primary School

Atticus has always enjoyed attending the Science class on Saturdays since we signed him up last year. Due to the compact size of the class, there was a high level of interaction with his tutors and he was able to stay attentive and engaged 100% of the time.

Atticus also seems impressed with the knowledge that his tutors possess and often spoke glowingly of them. Often, he would share with us the Science experiments he did in class.

We do feel MetaQuest has brought out the interest in Science for Atticus and helped him to follow closely what was taught in school. We are hopeful that this additional and fun experience at MetaQuest would benefit him and help him to attain a good grade in Science in the coming PSLE.


Albert Peh, Father of Atticus, P6
Maris Stella High School (Primary)

PSLE Science: A

Marcellus enjoys his classes at MetaQuest tremendously, especially when he gets to conduct experiments in class. These experiments help him to grasp the concepts applied during lessons efficiently.

With the guide of his MQ teacher, Marcellus is able to identify sections that he finds challenging based on his latest examination paper. His MQ teacher also provides proven approaches to tackle his CA1 paper, from which we see specific improvement.

​Joey, Mother of Marcellus, P6
Maris Stella High School (Primary)

PSLE Science: A

Sheng Jie got AL1 in Science for his PSLE 2022! Big thank you to his MQ teacher for his patience and guidance!

I still remember 2 years ago when he tried his first online trial lesson at MQ, I was worried that he could not concentrate during the online lesson. To my surprise, after the lesson finished, he told me that the class was so enjoyable and he said to me: "Mummy, the lesson was so fun and I thought only 15 minutes passed!!" I knew I had found the right tuition for him.

Despite the far distance (Sengkang to Toa Payoh), I insisted on signing him up for tuition [at MQ] as I know it is very important to find the right teacher than simply finding him a near and convenient tuition centre.

Sheng Jie has been scoring from AL3-AL6 from P5 to P6, this is his first time scoring AL1 for his Science! 

Days before his PSLE, I went through some past year's Science papers with him, I could see his improvement, he could even tell me how to answer Open-Ended Questions correctly, he said his MQ teacher taught him well.

I am glad that I made the right choice, I want to thank his MQ teacher for the extra time spent with him to go through the school exam paper with him to clear his doubt, and thank you for the calls to update me on his progress.

Doris Tan, Mother of Lau Sheng Jie, P6
North Vista Primary School
PSLE Science: AL1 (Most Improved Student)

Marcel signed up for the P5 Science Boot Camp in Oct last year and enjoyed it very much, due to the topics covered and the interesting manner in which his MQ teacher conducted the course. We thus decided to enrol Marcel in the P6 Science Programme.


He made strong and steady progress over the year, improving steadily from AL4 during Continual Assessment 1 in March to AL3 for Semestral Assessment in May. He then got AL2 during Prelims, culminating with AL1 for PSLE. 

Marcel’s improvement would have not been possible if not for his MQ teacher’s dedication and teaching methods which made the topics intuitive for Marcel. His teacher made the extra effort of going through Marcel’s CA1 paper and helped him to revise the P4 and P5 questions which had daunted him. We definitely made the correct decision in enrolling Marcel with MetaQuest, and having his MQ teacher made the difference.

Marcus Kwek, Father of Marcel Kwek, P6
St. Stephen's School

🖥️  MQ Online Student

PSLE Science: AL1

My child's MQ teacher taught with really well-crafted with tactics for Garath to master and refine his answers for Science. Garath joined only in Term 3, the programme had spurred his confidence in Science and allowed him to grasp concepts better.

Chelsia Low, Mother of Garath Wong Tung Ji, P6
Pei Chun Public School
PSLE Science: AL1

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional teaching and support that my child's MQ teacher has provided him at MetaQuest. The improvement in his PSLE Science grades from his P6 Prelim results was a surprise to us. 

Thank you for his dedication and commitment to education.

Li Wenmiao, mother of Lee Jian Huan, P6
Pei Chun Public School 
PSLE Science: AL2

After noticing my daughter's difficulty in answering some Open-Ended questions effectively in her Science papers in school, I decided to enrol her in MetaQuest after learning about its teaching methods from a friend.

Within the short period of 6 months, she has improved from her usual score in the low 70s (AL5) to scoring 87 (AL2) in the last SA1 paper. No doubt MetaQuest has had a positive effect on her understanding of the topics through a fun, interactive and practical approach to learning.

Science tuition is one that she looks forward to every week. Kudos go out to my child's MQ teacher for his patience and encouragement. Out of his personal concern and observation, I was given an account of my daughter's progress and weakness. He was kind enough to offer some useful tips and advice on how my daughter could improve and he personally saw to it in his own personal time.

I am confident my daughter will do well but more importantly, it is her newfound perspective on the subject that I am most glad about.

Lim Jit Ian, Father of Lim Fang Min, P6
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

Zander's MQ teacher is a good Science teacher. He understands the underlying principles and is able to convey this information to Zander in a clear and concise manner. He makes sure all concepts taught are easy to understand for all the students. He has helped my boy tremendously in his preparation for PSLE. Thank you to his MQ teacher! 

Ireen Ng, Mother of Fong Xuan Yuan Zander, P6
Pei Chun Public School
PSLE Science: AL1

My child's MQ teacher conducts the class in an interesting way. The experiments that he facilitates and the cool Science facts shared during his lessons definitely helped pique my girl's interest in Science. We are glad to have found such a helpful and committed Science tutor at MetaQuest!

June Low, Mother of Mira Lim Yi Xin, P5
Fairfield Methodist Primary School

MQ was very helpful in helping her handle the longer Science Open-Ended Questions. Kaelyn also enjoyed her classes at MQ very much and would like to thank her teachers.

Jack Tan, Father of Kaelyn Tan Jing Shuen, P6
Pei Chun Public School
PSLE Science: AL1

After enrolling Yee Kai for the course, the way he answered questions became sharper and more focused. This is largely attributed to how his MQ teacher prioritises the understanding of concepts rather than just passively going through questions and providing answers. The constant reminder to identify concepts that are being tested and the relevant keywords to use, had benefited Yee Kai tremendously.

Tan Kar Yeong, Father of Tan Yee Kai, P6
Yu Neng Primary School

🖥️  MQ Online Student

PSLE Science: AL1

Isaac was having a challenging time with Science since he reached higher primary. He started with MQ earlier this year and we have seen a marked improvement in his approach to the subject.


In the recent mid-year exams, his results improved by close to 30 marks from CA1. Thank you to his MQ teacher for his support of Isaac.

Serene, Mother of Isaac Lau Tin Chi, P6
Maris Stella High School (Primary)

PSLE Science: AL4

I would like to thank my son's MQ teacher for teaching him Science when he was P6. Without his help, my son would not have been able to get AL2 for his Science.  He has helped my son in ways I would never have imagined. Thank you to his MQ teacher.

Ang Tiong Kiow, Father of Raegan Keon Ang, P6 

Tao Nan School

🖥️  MQ Online Student

PSLE Science: AL2

Kasia loves taking part in the numerous hands-on experiments in the physical classes, as well as the high level of interactions with the teacher. It is learning mixed with fun!

Rachelle Koh, Mother of Kasia Eu, P5
CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary

My son enjoyed his P6 lesson at MetaQuest under his MQ teacher.


He is a friendly and passionate teacher. The curriculum is interesting and motivating. Thumbs up!

Esther, Mother of Nicholas Wong, P6
Alexandra Primary School

PSLE Science: AL3

My son’s teacher is motivated and supportive. He also understands the student to bring them on the right path to achieve good marks. 

My son improved and got a good score in PSLE Science. Thank you to his MQ teacher and MetaQuest.

Revaty, Mother of Pramath Narev, P6
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

PSLE Science: AL2

Kayle joined MetaQuest (MQ) in 2020. Her results were average and the subject content was getting more difficult to comprehend and "digest". After exposure to MQ’s classes through a holiday workshop, I signed Kayle on, hoping to build up her concepts in Science. 

Although her MQ teacher in charge was strict and no-nonsense, she was able to connect with the class and entertain the children's never-ending questions. Kayle's results dipped during mid-2021 due to intermittent Home-Based Learning (HBL) and Zoom implementation. When face-to-face classes resumed, her MQ teacher worked very hard with Kayle to refocus her attention and strengthen her answering skills. Every week, she took extra time after class to go through different types of questions with Kayle, which I am very appreciative of. After 3 months of intensive training with her MQ teacher, she managed to improve by more than 30 marks in her year-end exam.

Siew Ping, Mother of Kayle Goh, P5
Pei Chun Public School

She enjoyed every week's lesson, especially those hands-on experiments. She learnt a lot from the year-end project and presentation.

Yu Jun, Mother of Tay Shi Tong, P4
Pei Chun Public School 
SA2 P4 Science: 94/100

I signed my niece up with MetaQuest as I really liked their way of making Science come to life. They combined concepts with experiments to help students visualise and apply the concepts on Open-Ended Questions, which are always viewed as the most difficult part of the Science paper.


My niece’s teacher is very patient and taught her answering techniques to handle the questions. At the end of the course, she was able to handle Open-Ended Questions confidently. I would recommend MetaQuest to those students looking to score in Science.

Ms Soh, Aunt of Soh Xuan Rui, P6
Hougang Primary School
PSLE Science: A

The circuit breaker brought a lot of uncertainty to the education system. I was deeply worried about how my son would fare without proper guidance, especially with Science being one of his weakest subjects. Fortunately, my worries were uncalled for! His MQ teacher assured me that lessons would still be ongoing via Zoom. 


My son's MQ teacher is extremely patient with the students and handles them very well! Although each lesson lasts for 2 hours, my son is able to sit through the whole session without any complaints. His MQ teacher gives his students a little break during the lesson and that helps my son. He is now able to answer structured questions quite confidently. I would like to thank his MQ teacher for being so supportive and understanding! 

Noreen, Mother of Isa Faizal, P5
Waterway Primary School

Khloe looks forward to her weekly lessons as she enjoys doing experiments in class. The exposure to the experiments and her participation in them were beneficial to her understanding and tackling of Open-Ended Questions throughout the year of learning. Thanks, MQ, for the coaching. 

Mindy, Mother of Khloe, P4    
Pei Chun Public School

My son has always been interested in Science, especially with hands-on experiments. I enrolled him in MetaQuest instead of other Science programmes because I didn’t want to dampen his interest by just doing Science papers and answering questions all the time. My son looks forward very much to his weekly MetaQuest class.


There has been a really good balance between learning Science concepts through hands-on experiments, and learning to answer the questions correctly. He is now on his second term at MetaQuest, and despite the circuit breaker, his MQ teacher has kept the online lessons engaging and interesting. I can see my son actively participating during lessons all the time.

Eve, Mother of Sun Lee, P4
St Hilda’s Primary School

My MQ teacher taught us certain techniques to answer exam questions. He also made it easier for us to remember things like magnetic materials. I like that my MQ teacher also shows us videos that help us to better answer questions.

I would like to thank him for teaching us in fun ways and adding humour to his lessons.
It is because of my MQ teacher that I was able to improve in Science.


I hope you will continue being an amazing teacher!

Aaron Thwin, P6
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
PSLE Science: A*

I would like to give a shoutout to my son’s MQ teacher who has great skills and patience in teaching Science. My son said he has been quite happy with the tuition lessons for these past few months. In class, they always learn new things and carry out experiments just like in a real Science laboratory! Learning through play and experiments, is one of the important factors that help with studying.

Besides that, his MQ teacher is also always very warm and welcoming to students and parents. He replies to all their questions as quickly as he can despite his busy schedule. He is a friendly teacher whom the students can get close with, and frequently updates parents on their child’s progress.


So far, my son has made some good improvements after attending his class. Thank you!

Dessy, Mother of Frederick Lee, P6
Bendemeer Primary School

PSLE Science: B (Most Improved Student)

The workshop was conducted in a fun and informative way. My boy had lots of fun and it definitely helped in sparking his interest in the world of Science!


Michelle, Mother of Josiah Lee, P3
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

My boy enjoys the lessons at MetaQuest. His MQ teacher is very approachable and he makes sure that his students understand the concepts well. My boy always looks forward to the experiments for each lesson!


Jennifer Goh, Mother of Reagan, P4
Kong Hwa School

My son really enjoyed and always looked forward to having his Science lesson with his MQ teacher. Not only did my child experience an improvement in his score, but also most importantly, his MQ teacher has stimulated his interest in Science as a lifelong journey.


Valerie, Mother of Yu Hong Yin, P6

Punggol Cove Primary School

PSLE Science: AL3

My grandson Bessarion has been so excited about Science after attending his first lesson at MetaQuest.

I chanced upon this programme as I was looking for an enrichment class for his English. The idea of participating in hands-on experiments was something I wanted for him. I thought it would help him improve his attitude towards Science in school.

He had so much fun and he learnt a lot.
He went home to share the good experience with his parents. He wanted to attend more of such lessons!

​Barbara Baey, Grandparent of Bessarion Sih
P3, Tao Nan School

My child did not want to attend this workshop initially. Now he is looking forward to attending the next workshop.

He told me he didn't know Science was so fun. I am glad I sent him for the Messing with Science Holiday workshop! Thank you MetaQuest!


Noreen, Mother of Isa Bin Mohd Faizal, P4
Waterway Primary School

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