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Relish in the Wonders of Science!

Does your child perceive Science as a “dry” subject? Do they think it’s all about memorising keywords? Your child may not realise that Science goes beyond what is in their textbooks. Here are some ways to show them the wonders of Science, and how it is a part of our daily lives.

Visit a Science-centric location

  • Science Centre

The Science Centre is definitely one of the first few locations that come to mind when Science is mentioned. Opened in 1977, the Science Centre has gone on to win multiple awards and become a staple choice for school excursions. There is a wide array of workshops, exhibitions and shows to choose from when you plan a family trip! Visit the Science Centre website for ticket prices and information on the available attractions.

  • Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM)

This museum is home to a range of fossils and plants spread across 15 thematic zones. The museum’s highlights include three dinosaur fossils that are 80% complete and a sperm whale that was found dead off Jurong Island. It definitely makes for a fun family outing and will definitely have something that will interest each member of the family. Plan your visit, check ticket prices and stay updated on their exhibitions by visiting their website.


Singapore is renowned for being a green city, thanks to the lush greenery seen all around and our various nature parks and two gardens. Spend an afternoon on a walking trail and see how many different animals and insects you can spot. As a family activity, you can even take note of the various plants and trees, and discuss the characteristics of the environment the plants grow in e.g. mangrove swamps. Check out the list of walking trails here.

Science at home

  • Experiments

Your child can have fun with Science even when they are indoors with simple experiments. There is the classic volcano experiment, where you pour vinegar into a baking soda solution and create an eruption. This is a great introduction to Science for younger children, and they will enjoy watching the “lava” flow out the volcano. You can find the list of items required and the steps to conduct this experiment here. We recommend doing this activity outdoors to make clean-up easier! Another fun (and delicious!) experiment is making crystal candy. You will need a piece of string, sugar, popsicle sticks, water and a glass jar. This experiment does require hot water so do ensure your child is supervised when trying this. You can find the steps to conduct this experiment here.

  • Show them the Science behind everyday phenomenon

Science at home does not have to end with just experiments. Explain why there is condensation on a bathroom mirror after a hot shower, or why a plant dies if it is not watered regularly. These real-life examples will definitely help your child realise that Science is not limited to just the content in their textbooks.

We hope the ideas stated above will spark a sense of curiosity and help them develop a love for Science and knowledge. If you are looking for a Science programme that incorporates hands-on learning along with an effective pedagogy, check out MetaQuest’s Science Programme, where real experiments are a regular and integral part of the curriculum!


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