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Frequently Asked Questions

on our Science Enrichment and Tuition Online (Zoom) Lessons

Q1. What is included in your Zoom Science lesson?


Our live and interactive learning experience! Your child gets to clarify doubts with their MQ teacher in real-time, and are guided through their thinking process in understanding and applying Science concepts. You will receive hardcopies of our worksheets as well via mail.

Q2. How do you ensure that your Zoom lessons remain a safe space for my child?

We use a Zoom account under a paid plan which gives us additional admin controls over the meetings, alongside the ability to hold lessons for more than 40 minutes without interruption. Links to the meeting are also only made available to our parents.


Our teachers are trained and familiar in the use of the following safety functions:


  1. Waiting room: To only allow recognised names to enter.

  2. Mute and Stop video: To prevent unwanted individuals from sharing their audio and video.

  3. Admin control: Preventing non-hosts from sharing their screens, chatting and annotations. We can also kick out unwanted individuals and prevent them from rejoining.

We believe these measures will maintain a safe space for your children in our Zoom lessons as much as possible. To protect your children, we seek your cooperation in not sharing the meeting link or ID with other individuals.

Q3. Do I need to install any special software for my child to attend the Zoom lesson?


To enter our Zoom virtual classroom, all you need is a stable Internet connection and a PC/laptop/tablet or smartphone with a larger screen. There is no need to install the Zoom software as you will be accessing via the browser version with our provided link and password.


Q4. Are Zoom lessons suitable for my child? I am concerned he cannot follow or focus.


We aim to provide a learning experience as close to our classroom-based lessons as possible, where we continuously engage our students in their learning:

  1. The lesson is designed to be easy to follow with interactive discussions, and worksheets are completed as the lesson progresses. In other words, there is no homework and no need for parents to mark or check their child’s answers after the Zoom lesson.

  2. We keep to a small class size of 10, and involve all of them in our discussions during the lesson.

  3. We allocate time for Q&A and for our students to fill in their worksheets. Like we do in our classroom-based lesson, we ensure no child is left behind by checking in with all our students to ensure they fully understand the concept before moving on.


Q5. How do I reach my child’s MQ teacher if I need to clarify anything or revisit a concept after the Zoom lesson?


No worries! We provide the same level of support for our online lessons as for our classroom lessons. Just email your questions to your child’s MQ teacher, and they will reply within one to two days! You may also reach our teachers at 6974 2008 during our operating hours:


  • Mon-Fri: 2.30pm-9pm, Sat: 9am-6pm

  • We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.


Q6. How much are your live Zoom lessons?


We are offering our live Science lessons at $64.20 (incl. GST) per lesson! 


Q7. Can I request for a trial lesson to see if my child likes it before committing to a term?


Absolutely! We would be happy to arrange for your child to sign up for the trial lesson, which will be priced as one lesson. 


Q8: Sounds great, I am interested! How do I sign up?


Simply sign up here and let us know your interested slots:


You may also give us a call at 6974 2008 or email at us

Q9. What happens if there is a network outage?


No worries about that! We will certainly contact you and reschedule the Zoom lesson. If you require any assistance, simply give us a call at 6974 2008.

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